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Apr 09

How to: Find the HP Product Number of all your HP server using powershell

You can easly find the HP product number of any of your HP server by looking on the server itself or on the warranty card. The HP product number is nice to have if you want to easily find that date your HP server will be out of warranty. This product number is no longer …

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Feb 14

How to: cleanup the winsxs folder after SP1 installation on Windows 2008 R2

After the installation on SP1 on Windows 2008 R2 I have notice that lots of my server were getting low disk space. I scanned the C: drive with TreeSize Pro and I found out that the Winsxs folder was really big (between 9 and 16 Gb). There is a command that you can use to …

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Jan 10

How to: Reset password on Citrix Licensing server

If you lost the admin password or your Citrix Licensing server or the password of any other account and you can’t login to the Citrix Licensing server anymore here is what you have to do: 1- Go to C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\LS\conf and open “server.xml” with notepad. 2- Find the entry that looks something like this: <user …

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Oct 01

How to: List members of the Administrators local group

This is a simple powershell script that will list all the members in the Administrators local group. Just add all the computer name in C:\Servers.txt. $Computers = Get-Content "C:\servers.txt" foreach ($Computer in $Computers) {     $strcomputer = [ADSI]("WinNT://" + $Computer + ",computer")     $Group = $strcomputer.psbase.children.find("Administrators")     $members= $Group.psbase.invoke("Members") | %{$_.GetType().InvokeMember("Name", ‘GetProperty’, …

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Jan 28

How to: Create empty files with specific size

This is just a quick post on how to create a huge file in 2 second. In this example I will create a 1gb file: -Open “Command Prompt” (Start / Run / cmd / Enter) -Use this command: fsutil file createnew <filename> <size> fsutil file createnew C:\1gb_files.out 1073741824 -< filename > is the name of …

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Jul 30

How To: Get serial number from a list of servers or computers

Description: This How To will help you get the serial number from a list of servers or computers. The list of servers or computers would be provide in a txt file. Prerequisite: Microsoft PowerShell 1.0 or higher   How To: $colItems = get-wmiobject -class "Win32_BIOS" -computername (Get-Content c:\computers.txt) foreach ($objItem in $colItems) {    $computername …

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Jul 28

How To: List all users with a roaming profile

Description: This How To will help you scan your entire domain and list all the users account with a roaming profile.   Prerequisite: Microsoft PowerShell 1.0 or higher Quest Software PowerShell CMDLET’s   How To: Run ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory. You will need to be login or Run As with an account that …

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