Jan 16

Windows profile username.001, username.002, username.003 … in RD (TS) or Citrix

When using Remote Desktop, Terminal Services or Citrix XenApp on a Vmware server, windows might now be able to delete the copy of the profile. At the next logon another profile will be created to finally end up with multiple folders for the same users (ie: username.001, username.002, username.003 …)

If you look in the event viewer (Applications) you will see multiple Event 1533:

Event 1533

Windows cannot delete the profile directory C:\Users\test.danf.domain.dom This error may be caused by files in this directory being used by another program.

DETAIL – The directory is not empty.

The VMWare Share Folders option was installed as part of VMWare Tools. VMWare Shared Folders allows files to be shared between the virtual machine and the HOST computer (ESX or ESXi). This feature is not support on ESX and GSX servers, but is supported on VMWare Workstation. It could still be install on virtual servers running on those host.

1- Open the registry editor (Start/Run regedit)
2- Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\NetworkProvider\Order\
3- Double click on ProviderOrder
4- Change the Value data to remove vmhgfs from the list (Make sure to remove the comma if you need to)
5- Close registry editor
6- Reboot server for the change to take effect

You might have to go under the profile folder and delete all the remaining profile with username.001, username.002 …

When the vmware tools get updated, the registry will appear again so you will have to do this again.

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